Your Super-Powered Sales Tool:

The Green Mullet

Yep, a mullet.

The Green Mullet is One Super Web Page that’s →

Stand out and take care of business.

You're Already a Badass

But Do Your Clients Know That?

We know it, you know it, and the world deserves to know it, too.

Every business needs a web presence—something that shows you’re legit, trustworthy, and an actual human.

But full-blown websites take so. much. time.
And heaps of effort.
And whoa some investment.

What if launching didn’t have to be so damn complicated, time-consuming, and expensive?

Myth-busting Time:

Your website doesn’t have to explain everything you do.

It just has to get your audience interested and keep your business growing.

Hand us the scissors and hair dye, we’re ready to give you a green mullet.

With Our Powers Combined We’ll Give You

The Green Mullet

A Two-Week VIP Experience

An A-team collaboration with Anna Hetzel (they/them), copywriter and brand strategist, and Matt Hall (he/him), web designer and developer.

To give YOU a launch-ready web page FAST.

In two weeks we’ll unleash our brainpower to deliver:


Distill your idea down into a clear uniquely-you pitch.

Strategic Copywriting

Engage your ideal audience with compelling storytelling.

Design and Development

Start selling with a fully functioning page you feel proud of.

Need an Example?

This page you’re reading right now (omg meta!) is what you can expect from us.

Get started by hopping on a call with one of us.

Who The Heck Are These Mullet-Obsessed People?

We know what we’re doing.

For real.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over 10+ years to create web pages that work perfectly and pull their weight.

With our powers combined, you can hand off your big ideas to us and relax about the outcome.

Because in our hands, your web page is gonna be good and it’s gonna work.

I’m Anna (they/them), your messaging strategist and copywriter.

Founder of Strange Birds, I’ve been writing website copy for 5+ years.

I know how to take your idea and make it sing.

Here’s what a client said about me:

"Having an outsider's perspective on who you are and then Anna’s ability to translate that into an easily understood brand position—that’s the best part! Anna created a way to easily and succinctly tell people what we do. In the past, it has been difficult for people to understand who we are. Now it’s effortless.”
Monica McKay
Common People 2022 vert logo black 300

I’m Matt (he/him), your web designer and developer.

Co-founder of Common People Web Design, I’ve been helping people like you get their ideas out into the world for 11+ years.

I know how to bring your idea to life.

Here’s what a client said about me:

"Matt understands design at a deeper level than most. It's not just about pretty layouts and fancy colors—but as a copywriter, he knows to make it convert. His understanding of messaging hierarchy is the perfect compliment to design, and the page he created elevated all the right components."
Justin Blackman
Pretty Fly Copy

Look at who we’ve worked with!

Wow! Much impress!

How We Bring Your

Super Web Page

to Life, Fast

This VIP Experience is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses who have ambitious goals and need a leg-up to reach them.

Our Powers, Unite!

Once we get to know you on a call, we’ll send you a detailed onboarding form so we can get all the important info to write and develop your crushin’ webpage. Your two-week mulleted VIP experience is scheduled once the form is completed.

Week One with Anna: Messaging and Copywriting

Hop on a one-hour call Monday so Anna can use their proven process to laser in on what matters. This is where you get to download all that stuff that’s crowding your brain. They’ll craft an expertly written page for you to review on Friday.

Week Two with Matt: Page Design and Development

Kick-off week two with Matt with options for your design direction. Matt will build your webpage and do a final hand-off Friday, along with a mini-training video on how to make updates on your own.


This part is all you! Go out and start sharing your Super Web Page!

Who Rocks The Green Mullet Best?

Happy Sacramento King GIF by NBA - Find & Share on GIPHY

Would you look good with a green mullet?
Rhetorical question because everyone looks good with a green mullet.

But…is this particular VIP Experience for you?


We’re not creating a brand for you.

We’re reinforcing and expanding on a brand you already have.

The Green Mullet is ideal for:

Here are our requirements:

Is that you?

Awesome, get ready for the final pitch…

Be a SUPER Business Owner with a Green Mullet VIP Experience

Launch your big idea with a web page written by an experienced conversion copywriter and developed by a badass designer-developer


A fully-functioning web page. What do we mean by that? We mean a page with buttons that integrate to your existing software and funnels (calendar, CRM, store, etc)

Yep! We want you to be set up to grow on YOUR terms. So you’ll get training and walkthroughs showing you how to update the copy,  colors, and images on your site. We’ll include links to documentation, too, so you and your team can add to your page as needed.

If you already have great website hosting, we’ll gladly build on that. (This includes platforms like Squarespace and Webflow.)

Need fast, reliable hosting? We’ll set it up for you at no additional charge.

It would be best if you were to already have your own domain. But yes, we can buy a domain under your name if you don’t have one yet.

We have revisions and check-ins built throughout the process. If you do not give us notes back in a timely manner (we’ll let you know the timeline when it happens) we will keep moving forward regardless. At the end of the two weeks, you should have a web page you can be proud of if you engage with the process.

Anna has been writing website copy for years now. They have a systemized process that will help unlock your ideas, organize them in a structured way with a compelling story, and laid out to optimize for conversions. Plus Matt is also a copywriter so you’ll have TWO seasoned copywriters with their brains on your idea.

Yes, we will be using templates. But! They are just a starting point to help us deliver your web page in two weeks. Your business is unique, which means while every page will have essentially the same sections, the copy, layout, and design will be different for every project.

This service is not for long-form sales pages. What you see here on this page selling The Green Mullet is what you can expect to get from us!

We are not SEO experts and if that is your main priority, we’re probably not a good fit for you. We’d be happy to refer you to one!

But in full transparency, one-page websites are really hard to rank. So this is really intended for sites that use strategies like paid ads, email outreach, networking, and other non-SEO strategies to drive initial traffic.

We make no guarantees on sales. Sales is a complicated web of systems, from your list, outreach, marketing, SEO, lead generation, and more. This web page is only one piece of your greater effort. However, we do promise to write and build a page that uses all of our expertise and knowledge in what works for landing conversions.
And hot dang have we got some experience in making totally kick-ass converting web pages.

Be a SUPER Business Owner with a Green Mullet VIP Experience

Launch your big idea with a web page written by an experienced conversion copywriter and developed by a badass designer-developer

Currently booking for March 2022